About Blake

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

Blake Elliott’s signature style is as universal as the types of music she creates. Her writing spans a wide range of genres, covering the scope from jazz to folk to soul and ensuring that even the most discriminating of listeners will enjoy watching her perform. With a vibrant personality that matches those bright red lips, Blake has made her mark on the Michigan music scene with a fervor that’s unceasing.

Friends of Blake

E Minor

With sweet and smoky melodies, E Minor has an unmistakable folk flavor, with a hint of an old jazz and blues influence.


The Accidentals

Described as “one of the most ground-breaking musical experiences one might just have in a lifetime,” The Accidentals are just getting started.



A blend of folk jazz & blues that tugs at your sleeve, gently pulling you out of your troubles and into the grass where you’re sure to stay & dream for a while.


The Claudettes

Inspired by the ’60s piano-drums blues recordings of Otis Spann & S.P. Leary, Johnny and Michael formed their duo—but a wealth of influences and passions entered their quickly evolving instrumental sound.


Miriam Pico

With her talent, spark and smile, it is easy to see why audiences all over the country rave about Miriam’s unmatched vocal abilities and her long-admired songwriting.


Missy Zenker

Missy Zenker creates fun, heartfelt Country music, with a little sass. Starting her career at a very young age, Missy continues to give it all she’s got, and work her way to the top.